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Corbett Museum Jim Corbett

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The heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett, the hunter turned environmentalist whom the park is named after has been converted into the Corbett Museum. Jim Corbett had a very strong influence in spreading awareness about wildlife conservation. This museum is dedicated to all the spectacular activities that he carried out to do the same in the Kumaon hills jungle.

The museum is located in Kaladhungi and is about 3 kilometers away from the main town area. This location is perfect as it is accessible from Nainital via Khurtpal. As a result, it attracts several tourists from across the globe all year long.

A visit to the museum can be an eye opener into the flora and fauna of the Corbett Reserve that is located in the vicinity. You will learn all about the majestic creatures that roam these jungles and the significance of each one in the ecosystem.

There are several manuscripts, paintings, sketches and articles that belonged to Jim Corbett. These treasures speak about the work of Jim Corbett in great detail. There are several attractions that will be appreciated by each one who visits the museum. It will show you how majestic each creature in the jungle is and why an encounter with them would be completely worthwhile.

Besides all of this, you can even see several personal belongings of Jim Corbett such as his bag, fishing net, gun and cap preserved in this museum.

The museum is open all ear around except on the festival of Holi. It opens at 8:00 am and is shut to visitors at 5:00pm. You can get an entry ticket from the Corbett Safari Booking Center in Ramnagar that is about 40 minutes away from here.

You may take a train to Ramnagar and then drive up to the museum. You can even get here from Delhi or Pantnagar if you are travelling by flight. Entry tickets are very reasonable and are priced at Rs.50 for foreign guests and Rs.10 for Indian guests. Donít forget to visit the serene Corbett Falls which is located just a few kilometers away from the museum.

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