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Corbett Fall

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The spectacular Corbett Waterfalls are at a distance of 25 kilometers from Ramnagar, in Nainital on the Ramnagar- Kaladhungi highway. These are one of the most scenic waterfalls around this area and come surrounded with acres of teak forests. Quite large and magnificent the waterfall falls from a height of 20 meters to form a splashing and pristine pool with sparkling and inviting water. However, bathing in the pool is prohibited for safety reason.

Full of natural beauty this area has been restored with great care. In an attempt to keep the area clean, no shops and stalls are allowed near the waterfall. So, if you are traveling to Corbett falls make sure that you carry your own food and water. Some popular activities around the area include nature walks, trekking and bird watching.

It is quite easy to reach the Corbett waterfall by bus or taxi from Ramnagar or Kaladhungi. You may have to trek for about 1.5 kms on the main road to reach the waterfalls. There are entry fees for adults and children which is Rs.50 and Rs.25 respectively. If you want to take a four wheeler, the fees will be Rs.100 per four wheeler.

If you are keen on swimming in these waters, you can look for a few streams that are safe to swim in and are nearby. Camping, fishing and other activities can also be enjoyed in this area. There is a flat land just at the periphery of the fall which makes it the ideal location of these activities. Overnight camps are the most common attraction in this area. We will organize special camps that you can enjoy at a great budget with your entire family.

The forest around the waterfalls are home to some of the best species of animals with regular spottings of chitals, barking deers, langurs and other wild animals. For birdwatchers, this is nothing short of paradise with several seasonal birds thronging the branches of the teakwood trees.

You can include a visit to Corbett falls as a part of a trekking trip, the safari or can choose to make it a separate part of the itinerary so you can enjoy overnight camps and fishing camps as well. Remember to carry waterproof garments when you visit the area.

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