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Heritage Hotels in Corbett

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Heritage hotels in Corbett – To give a royal feel in the jungle zone

When you look out for the adventure in the midst of nature, there are several places in India to get that experience, but none other than Corbett national Park brings you the excitement you crave for. Located amongst the woods, you will feel the shivers of adventure and at the same time, pamper yourself with the vast assortment of features available at the heritage hotels. Here are a few Heritage hotels in Corbett where you can stay for a week or two and enjoy the vast wilderness of the area. The roar of a tiger in the Corbett Park will make you feel the true experience of jungle life.

Hotel Brys Caves: One of the ideal choices is the Hotel Brys Caves, and this will provide you a mind blowing experience. This is best enjoyed once you visit the place with kids, and there are customized features and facilities that the children will enjoy, including a variety of indoor and outdoor games. The location of the hotel is mind blowing and you will really like the ambience of the place. The quality of room service is good, and coupled with the excellent staff available; you will find no problem whatsoever once you count on this hotel.

The Ranger’s Reserve: This is one of the best Heritage hotels in Corbett. It brings you a perfect blend of luxury and natural view of the worlds around you. Located about 98 km from the railway station and 102 km from the airport, it is the best place to feel the pulse of nature. There are other places like the Sitabani Temple and the Corbett falls that will blow your mind, and at the same time, you can relish the luxury indoors. There are 40 well maintained rooms and you will enjoy the panoramic views from the resort. Along with thee, you can also visit the luxury spa and get a dose of grand freshness.

The Solluna Resort: This resort is located near the Ramganga River as well as near to Merchula Valley. The resort services are customized as per the needs of the visitors, and you can visit the place as a part of a corporate team looking out for a perfect place for annual business meeting or even with your family. There are coffee shops, dance arenas and conference halls that you will really enjoy. International standards of features are at your wait when you get in to the resort.

Aahana Resort: This is another outstanding hotel that brings you all the required features of a class living. You can couple up the luxury here with the call of nature, and at the end of the day, you will really be a satisfied tourist, having enjoyed the stay at the hotel in true serenity.

When you visit this place, you can enjoy a pleasant and royal stay in any of the above hotels, which offers you a unique blend of luxury and natural beauty

Heritage Hotel in Corbett

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