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Kosi River corbett

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The sparkling waters of the Kosi River and its seven tributaries drain the state of Uttarakhand. The pristine waters and the lush green surroundings are a magnificent sight. The area, free from any pollution, is nestled in the lap of nature and offers the best vacation spots to travelers.

There are several luxury resorts that have been developed for tourists who visit this area from across the globe. It is not just the scenery but also the option of several adventure activities that attract more and more travelers each year.

Located just a few kilometers away from Kosi River is the Jim Corbett National Park which is home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. The waters of the river flow beautifully providing some of the best currents to enjoy river rafting. There are several adventure camps that will also include activities like rappelling, trekking, nature walks and rock climbing in your itinerary.

Safari to this area is open all year long. The topography which consists of secondary forests that is interspersed with deciduous forests and open grasslands makes it ideal for you to get a good visibility of the wild animals. You also have special camps set up by the Corbett National Park that allows you to watch these animals in their natural habitat. There are several stream beds and cliff edges in the zone. This is good news for bird watchers as it attracts several species of birds.

Kosi River is also a place of great spiritual significance. The Garijiya temple that is located on a rock in the middle of the river is an important holy spot. Pilgrims who visit the temple also take a cleansing dip in the river Kosi as a part of their prayer offerings.

The Kosi River is located in one of the most scenic locations in the country and is rated as one of the best experiences by several tourists. The water is clean and is perfect even if you just want to take a dip and relax on the banks. A picnic on a warm summer day is the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing vacation.

No matter what activities you want to include in your trip, there are packages that are ideal for you. Customized packages are also available as per the group of travelers and the interests.

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